Month: March 2015

Work to Dinner Outfit!

Today, I had the task of picking out a work outfit that would be appropriate for a birthday dinner that I had to be at right after. I chose to wear a simple button down shirt with dress pants. I added a statement necklace to it to dress it up for the dinner!

We ended up going to the melting pot for dinner and can I just say that chocolate fondue is never a bad idea! 😄


Sweater Love! ❤️

Unfortunetley, it’s still pretty cold in upstate Rochester and it’s still snowing! However, most of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are sweaters and I secretly love that I can still wear them 😜

This color block sweater is one of my favorites during the end of the season because the bright red/orange color in it is a beautiful reminder of the arrival of spring in the cold! I also love the button details on the side of the arm, it makes things a bit more interesting!

This weekend I wore a two-colored striped sweater. I love this sweater because it’s so warm and I can just throw it on without worrying about styling it in a specific way. Perfect for a casual weekend look!

What are some of your favorite sweaters and what makes them special to you?

Comfy Work Appropriate OOTD

How often do you wake up in the morning, dreading going to work? Probably more often than you wish. What makes this a little easier for me is to put on something that I am comfortable in but is also work appropriate.

 I remember when I first saw this sweater at Express and instantly fell in love with it! Its super cute and I appreciate anything that is long because that means it can wear it with leggings! I usually wear this with black skinny’s, but since I had no meetings today I decided I could get away with wearing leggings 😜.

You might notice that I’m carrying a bag with brown handles, and I personally don’t like pairing the colors brown and grey together but my excuse is that this is my work bag 😄

Comment and share what some of your comfortable work day outfits consist of!

Pakistani Wedding Outfit!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend a Pakistani wedding of a family friend’s and as you might already know, Pakistani weddings are a glamorous affair! And I love that! Outfits are composed of bright colors, sparkly detailing and accessoried with heavy jewelry.

Now even though most people chose to wear bright colors at weddings, this time I went with a black dress (you know you can’t go wrong with black! 😉)

I can’t say this enough, but I LOVE this dress! It’s not overly done, it’s simple yet formal and is all in all elegant!

The way that I made this dress Paki wedding ready was by getting my accessories right. I wore heavy earrings, a ring that made a statement and carried a sparkly gold clutch. I painted my nails a bright redish pink color to add some color to my outfit.

Needless to say, I felt like a princess in this dress 😊 Anytime that you get dressed up for anything, the most important thing is feeling good about yourself because that’s what will lead you to making the most out of your night!

The Perfect Piece of Outerwear for Transitioning Seasons!

I personally love jackets! They can pull an entire outfit together. If you are feeling sluggish and may not be wearing the most flattering outfit from your wardrobe, a nice piece of outerwear can hide all the flaws and make you look put together. Living in upstate New York, it gets pretty cold and so the usual choice for outerwear is my winter wool coat, however, when Spring begins approaching I prefer something lighter.

I recently purchased a khaki colored trench coat and I absolutely love it! It goes with most outfits and keeps me warm without getting too hot. They come in many different colors but I opted for the classic Khaki color. Being a full time working girl, it is professional and a classic piece that will always be trendy! A great investment!

I bought mines from New York & Company a few months ago. They currently are not selling it but it might be back near fall.

Working a Pair of Ripped Jeans!

Some days, you want to come off as sweet and girly so you put on a dress and heels, sometimes you don’t feel overly girly so you take out your converse and ripped jeans. Despite what mood you are in, you can still pull your outfit together in a classy way and this by keeping things simple.

Keeping things simple is the ultimate way of keeping your outfit ‘classy’. If you decide you want to wear destroyed jeans, then you should pair them with a clean solid shirt and pair a nice handbag with it. Basically, make your top half look put together! 🙂

These are a few things that can help you keep your look be clean and polished even with ripped jeans.

Distressed denim + structured bag. /pin/510103095269194337/

striped slouchy shirt